Wood Identification

For general wood identification service providers, see the Global Timber Tracking Network.

Two tools that are linking with the Arbor Harbor data include Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-TOFMS) and XyloTron. Both resources (right) are continually being developed to include more identifiable species.


  • ForeST Database is a compilation of DART-TOFMS spectra of the heartwood of CITES listed species and their look-alike timbers. Username and password are required.

  • XyloTron is an automated wood identification device that uses machine-vision technology.
Family Genus Species
Anacardiaceae Anacardium excelsum
Anacardiaceae Astronium graveolens
Anacardiaceae Tapirira guianensis
Apocynaceae Alstonia scholaris
Apocynaceae Aspidosperma megalocarpon
Bignoniaceae Jacaranda copaia
Bignoniaceae Tabebuia rosea
Burseraceae Bursera simaruba
Calophyllaceae Calophyllum brasiliense
Caryocaraceae Caryocar glabrum
Chrysobalanaceae Licania heteromorpha
Chrysobalanaceae Licania octandra
Clusiaceae Symphonia globulifera
Combretaceae Terminalia amazonia
Ehretiaceae Cordia alliodora
Euphorbiaceae Hura crepitans
Euphorbiaceae Hura crepitans
Fabaceae Dialium guianense
Fabaceae Dicorynia guianense
Fabaceae Enterolobium cyclocarpum
Fabaceae Enterolobium schomburgkii
Fabaceae Albizia saman
Fabaceae Hymenaea courbaril
Goupiaceae Goupia glabra
Malvaceae Ceiba pentandra
Meliaceae Carapa guianensis
Meliaceae Cedrela fissilis
Meliaceae Cedrela odorata
Meliaceae Khaya ivorensis
Meliaceae Swietenia macrophylla
Moraceae Brosimum alicastrum
Moraceae Brosimum utile
Phyllanthaceae Hyeronima alchorneoides
Sapotaceae Manilkara bidentata
Sapotaceae Manilkara zapota
Sapotaceae Pouteria furcata
Sapotaceae Pouteria reticulata
Simaroubaceae Simarouba amara
Vochysiaceae Vochysia ferruginea
Zygophyllaceae Guaiacum sanctum