Arbor Harbor



Arbor Harbor is a reference system linking information on trees and their global trade, especially species at risk of over harvesting. The system integrates data on taxonomy, conservation, geography, and trade regulations, all acquired from online databases or primary literature. Intended users include professionals or enthusiasts working with forest resources and their sustainable use.

Search guidance:

Search by genus, species, scientific name, or vernacular name. Examples:

  • Genus: Abies
  • Species: guatemalensis
  • Scientific name: Swietenia macrophylla
  • Vernacular name: Caoba de Honduras

Keywords with unknown letters are searchable per the following examples:

  • Genus: "Abie" returns "Abies guatemalensis", "Abies hickelii", etc.
  • Species: "malensis" returns "guatemalensis", "himalensis" etc.
  • Scientific name: "Swietenia macro" or "tenia macro" returns "Swietenia macrophylla", etc.
  • Vernacular name: "caoba de" returns "Caoba de Honduras", "Caoba de Venezuela", etc.

All keywords are case insensitive.